Privacy Policy

Alnima International realizes and understands the importance of social responsibility and keeps its customers and visitors’ data and personal information confidential. The personal information is provided by the customer or a website visitor who registers, or fills any form and submits, which might include their personal details such as name, contact number, email address, etc. This information is stored by the back end customer support for the record, which is necessary. At the same time we make sure to keep all the records and information confidential and safe. Moreover, the breach of any kind of personal information of customers is highly prohibited.

  • Alnima International makes sure to provide safety and security in terms of keeping customers’ personal data confidential and protect it from any information security threats.
  • It ensures and respects its beloved customers’ privacy and doesn’t disclose any information to third parties without customers consent.
  • It also prevents its customers’ information and personal data from getting leaked, stolen or from getting used by unauthorized means.
  • It manages and controls the information security system from any illegal and unauthorized access.
  • Alnima International requests permission from customers before using their information and that too, in work related procedures or transactions, documentations etc.
  • It makes sure to not disclose any information without customer’s permission even when it has full access to do so.
  • It abides by and complies strictly to the rules by law, to not sell, transfer, use or disclose the personal information of customers

Use of personal information

Alnima International does have the right over customers’ personal information for the following reasons:

  • To keep and maintain the record of its valuable customers in order to contact them for any work related queries and identify the customers with the provided data
  • In order to get the inventory delivered to you
  • To timely notify about something important to the customers
  • To achieve the purpose of use of the business
  • To provide customer support and make them feel like home
  • To communicate with the customers about its services and any new offers etc.


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